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Without air filters, we would not be able to safely manufacture medical devices, vaccines, gene therapies, high efficiency drugs and other life-or-death medicines. Strict requirements and regulations define cleanliness levels. Making biological drugs is a unique and complex process. Biological preparations are made of proteins from living bodies, which can be engineered to produce therapeutic proteins in large quantities. They are so sensitive that even the slightest technological change can negatively affect them. Therefore, it also puts forward high requirements for medical equipment. They are subject to strict regulations and therefore need to be manufactured in clean rooms to ensure compliance with these regulations. Drug filling is a critical process that needs to be carried out in a completely clean and controlled environment. The filtration system helps to maintain the overall cleanliness of different process areas -- from grade A to grade C or D. All of these situations require controlling the direction of the airflow to prevent any cross contamination from invading the final product.

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