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4V Chemical Filter Without diaphragm

WITH imported high-quality coconut shell carbon, very good at filtering organic gas, peculiar smell and so on . The initial efficiency can reach more than 90%.

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High Efficiency and Low Resistance Antibacterial Plate Filter

It is mainly used in AHU pre-filter of air conditioning box with efficiency from E10 to H13 and resistance less than 85pa@2.5m/s. It mainly intercepts some tiny particles and its antibacterial rate can reach 99.9%. It improves the indoor air quality with advantages such as long service life and low resistance.

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Initial effect folding filter

Featured with large filtration area, high dust capacity, long service life, light weight, easy installation and 100% ex-factory inspection

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Initial effect keel plate filter

It is mainly used in AHU pre-filter of air conditioning box with efficiency from G1 to F9. It mainly intercepts some large particles of dust to protect the back end of filter. It is featured with long service life, low resistance, washable, and replaceable filter element.

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Pre filter nylon screen

It is mainly used in the air conditioning air return outlet to intercept some wool, mosquitoes and other large particles of pollutants, so as to avoid blocking fins transferring heat and affecting the heat exchange effect of air conditioning.

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Pre filter metal screen

It is mainly used in AHU pre filter of air conditioning box to intercept leaves, hair, small animals, etc., avoiding damage to the machine itself and affecting the normal operation.

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