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Long life and high safety double-layer PES sterilization filter element

Double layer polyether sulfone sterilizing filter with long service life and high guarantee.We established a new benchmark for sterilizing grade filtration. The unique double-layer hydrophilic polyethersulfone membrane makes it have excellent filtration performance and reliable bacteria retention ability, can withstand repeated steam sterilization, fully meet the filtration requirements of pure draft beer production process..

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Filter element with ultra-high carrying capacity

The filter element with ultra-high carrying capacity is made of multi-layer nano-fiber material, which has high carrying capacity for pollutants under reasonable gradient structure design. The characteristic of multi-stage interception of the gradient aperture from coarse to fine makes the filter element have stronger carrying capacity, and be able to effectively improve the problem of fast surface clogging, which greatly prolongs the service life of the filter element. The filtration precision of 0.5-90μm can meet the requirements of different filtration precision, and it is very suitable for filtration of high suspended particles, colloidal substances and high viscosity liquid.

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PP series microporous folded filter element

PP series microporous folded filter element is made of sub-micron high-performance polypropylene fiber membrane material with uniform pore distribution. Through scientific structure design and combination of high-performance filter membrane, the filter element has the characteristics of deep filtration and high pollutant carrying capacity. It can intercept more target removal substances while ensuring flux and efficiency, and effectively prolong the service life of the filter element.

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Activated carbon rod series

Activated carbon rod filter element is formed by continuous extrusion of high efficiency activated carbon fine particles and food grade rubber powder. The product not only has the excellent adsorption performance of granular activated carbon, but also can avoid the disadvantage of loose activated carbon releasing carbon powder, and can effectively remove the residual chlorine, peculiar smell and organic matter in liquid or gas.

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Large flow folded filter element

The large flow folded filter element adopts deep fine polypropylene or glass fiber membrane as the filter material. It has a large diameter of 6 inches / 152 mm, no center rod, one-way openings, and specially designed the liquid flow direction from inside to outside to ensure that all pollutant particles are intercepted in the filter element. It has a variety of filtration precision from 0.5μm to 100μm, which can meet the demand of different level of filtration. The design of large flow rate reduces the usage of filter element and filter in the same flow application, greatly saving the equipment investment cost and labor cost.

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Filter bag filter element series

It is made of health grade polypropylene by heat sealing or sewing production. It has deep filtration structure and good integrity, featured with large flow and low price, generally used in the pre-filtration of aquaculture water system.

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PP melt-blown filter element

The melt-blown filter element is a tubular filter element made of non-toxic and tasteless polypropylene particles through the process of heating, melting, spinning, traction and forming. If the raw material is mainly polypropylene, it can be called PP melt-blown filter element. In beverage factory, PP melt-blown filter element is mainly used in the primary filtration of water system, and It is not only widely used in water purification, but also has excellent chemical compatibility, suitable for filtration of strong acid, strong alkali and organic solvent. It has the advantages of strong carrying capacity, long service life and low cost.

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Fan filter unit (FFU)

Provides clean air for clean rooms and laboratories in the semiconductor and flat-panel display industries by removing harmful particles from circulating air in conjunction with high efficiency / ultra high efficiency plate filters. Different from the clean room air supply ceiling system, FFU produces positive pressure, which reduces the risk of potential ceiling bypass leaks.

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